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The Birth Company offers excellent care for all expectant mothers

The Birth Company has a team of experts dedicated to your care.

Private Antenatal Care at The Birth Company London

Thank you for considering coming to our clinic. I am proud of the sevice we have developed over the last 15 years as The Birth Company. We aim to meet the highest standards.

We look forward to seeing you in the clinic.

Dr Donald Gibb

Donald Gibb

Same Day appointments are available.

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Kathryn Weir Birth Company Sonographer

Antenatal Care

The Birth Company offers high quality care to all mothers throughout their pregnancy.

We offer a very comprehensive service including appointments with a Consultant Cbstetrician, midwifery and complimentary therapies.

Antenatal and Birth Care

A full package of care, including comprehensive antenatal appointments, scans and delivery with our Consultant Obstetricians, Dr Donald Gibb and Dr Demetrios Economides.

Antenatal care

For full antenatal care excluding delivery, where the mother plans to deliver either in the NHS or abroad.

Cervical Suture

Our Consultant Obstetrician, Dr Donald Gibb performs this very specialised procedure.

Complementary Therapies

All of our complementary therapies are safe for pregnancy. Our therapists have been selected for their experience in providing care to expectant mothers.