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Gynaecology Services

We offer a range of Services to fit your needs; from Fertility Support to Well Woman Checks.

We are expert at the placement of IUCDs / Coils.

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If conceiving is difficult, we can help.

We have a range of services, designed to help optimise your chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. Our staff treat every woman with the compassion needed at this sensitive time.

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Dr Donald Gibb

Donald Gibb

Gynaecology Services
We provide basic gynaecology services complementing our obstetric services. Women are seen for contraceptive advice and basic fertility assessment. On-going well women checks are provided over several years.

Fertility assessment includes full gynaecological scans, ovarian follicle scans, endometrial scans and blood tests. These are useful for women having IVF abroad. We do not undertake more advanced fertility treatment or IVF in our clinic.

We provide routine cervical smears but not the further treatment that may result if they are abnormal: we would suggest appropriate onward referral. We have strong links with more specialized gynaecologists.

Dr Gibb has a special expertise in the placement and removal of Intra Uterine Contraceptive Devices (IUD or IUCD). This is done with appropriate ultrasound guidance during the procedure.

Dr Gibb has an internationally recognised expertise in the placement of cervical sutures in the treatment of miscarriage. These are Shirodkar sutures (placed high by the vaginal route) and trans abdominal sutures in pregnancy or more commonly now before pregnancy by minimal access surgery.

Our Services Include


IUCD / Coil

Gynaecology Scans

Well Woman Checks