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The Birth Company is a successful practice looking after pregnant mothers and women with fertility problems for the last 18 years. We see about 2,500 clients for scans, consultations and therapies. Dr Gibb has now retired from delivering babies himself but gives advice about accessing private care based on his long experience.

Set up in 2000 by Dr Gibb, The Birth Company operates from Harley Street in central London and more recently from Alderley Edge in Cheshire. Our facilities include modern, spacious clinics, which provide a calm and relaxing environment  as well as state-of-the-art scanning equipment providing the latest in ultrasound technology including 3D and 4D ultrasound scans. Up-to-date design, fresh flowers, tropical fish and modern art contribute to the environment.

Our aim is to enable expectant mothers to have a positive and reassuring experience during fertility care, pregnancy and childbirth experience. We are committed to promoting an environment of medical excellence, informed choice and superior care, adopting a holistic approach throughout fertility and pregnancy care. Whether you visit us for ultrasound scans only or for complete care we aim to give you and your partner a reassuring environment to discuss your needs at this important and sensitive time enabling you to enjoy this emotional and exciting  process.

We also provide general gynaecology care with sensitivity and compassion.

Meet The Experts

Meet our team of expert Consultants, Sonographers and Therapists

Harley Street

Dr Donald Gibb
Lead Consultant Read Profile
Kate Richardson
Managing Director Read Profile

Advanced Sonographers

Carmel Lacy
Advanced Sonographer Read Profile
Gemma Osborne
Advanced Sonographer Read Profile
Helen Kennett
Advanced Sonographer Read Profile
Karin Meeds
Advanced Sonographer Read Profile
Quynh Tran
Advanced Sonographer Read Profile
Raphaele Mendy
Advanced Sonographer Read Profile
Shahrzad Khojasteh
Advanced Sonographer/Fetal Medicine Accredited Read Profile
Hamdi Mohamed
Advanced Sonographer Read Profile

Administration Team

Danielle Howat
Personal assistant to Dr Donald Gibb and Kate Richardson Read Profile
Holly Heard
Clinic Co-Ordinator Read Profile
Ruth Amankwah
Administrator Read Profile
Charlotte Reidie
Administrator Read Profile
Deborah Sousa
Administrator Read Profile

Accounts Department

Sue Richardson
Bookkeeper Read Profile
Colin Adams
Credit Controller Read Profile

Alderley Edge

Dr Koon Loong Chan
Consultant Obstetrician & Subspecialist in Fetal and Maternal Medicine Read Profile
Olga Khoury Carter
Advanced Sonographer/Fetal Medicine Accredited Read Profile
Sangita Kotecha
Administrator Read Profile
Emily Street
Midwife Specialist Read Profile


Hayley Pedrick
Nutritionist Read Profile
Sarah Das
Reflexology Read Profile
Donna Maneva
Pregnancy Massage Read Profile
Dr Fulvia Ronchi
Psychotherapist Read Profile
Louise Frost
Beauty Therapist Read Profile

Philosophy & Ethics

At The Birth Company, we want you to enjoy the best quality care in a clinic where you feel comfortable and supported. We are dedicated to providing personalised, patient led care that treats you as a whole person. We also want you to be able to make fully informed choices about your health, including your choice of a clinic.

If you are looking for maternity care or a private ultrasound clinic in London, then you may want to know a little about our approach. We hope that you will decide that The Birth Company is the right place for you.

A Positive Experience

We believe that pregnancy and childbirth should be a positive journey. We want you to feel in control of your care and confident about giving birth, even if you encounter challenges along the way. Although you may feel anxious at times, we will provide the support and reassurance you need to have the birth that you want. We’ll provide the same positive experience whether you are here for a single ultrasound or your entire pregnancy.

A Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach to your care, especially during pregnancy and childbirth. We’ll treat you as a whole person rather than just a collection of symptoms. In addition to performing tests and offering treatments, we’ll ensure that you feel supported and in control. We can provide nutritional advice, complementary therapies or just someone to talk to. We’ll also provide the support and advice that birth partners need in order to be there for you.

An Informed Discussion

Good communication is essential for healthcare. We will ensure that you have all the information you need to understand the tests, diagnoses and treatments that we provide. We will take the time to explain what screening tests can detect and what the results mean. Our clinic in London is an environment where you should feel confident asking questions and expressing your needs.

Personalised Care

Every person who steps through our doors is unique and we believe that your healthcare needs to be just as individual as you are. We offer flexible appointment times, personalised antenatal care, and stand alone ultrasound scans. You pick just the services you need and we can coordinate your care with a fertility clinic, your GP or NHS services.

Building Trust and Relationships

We know how important it is for you to build a strong relationship with your doctor or midwife. We will listen to your concerns, provide advice when you need it and support you through what can be a very emotional journey. You can trust us to treat you with sensitivity, compassion and discretion at all times.

We believe that The Birth Company is the best place for maternity care and ultrasound testing in London. We offer personalised care in a supportive and caring environment. All of our consultants, sonographers and other staff members will always maintain the highest professional standards. However, if you do have any questions or concerns about your care at The Birth Company, you can always get in touch to discuss them.

Statement of Care

The Birth Company is committed to providing you with the highest quality care. We do this not only through the medical excellence of our experienced team, but also through the way our clinic is run. In addition to providing you with the best medical advice, testing and treatment, we’ll ensure that you feel truly cared for.

Flexible Care

We will tailor our care to your needs. You will be able to choose to use The Birth Company for a single ultrasound scan or consultation, all of your antenatal appointments, or your full maternity care including delivery. However you choose to use the clinic, you will always receive the highest standard of personalised care.

Keeping You Informed

You should be in control of your health. We will keep you fully informed about every aspect of your care. Our experts will always be available to discuss the results of your screening tests or ultrasound scans. However, we won’t push you towards any decisions. We’ll be here to answer your questions and provide advice, but we will always be led by your needs.


We will ensure that appointments are available at times that are convenient for you. We can arrange consultations or ultrasound scans in the early mornings, evenings or at weekends if you are unable to visit the clinic during normal working hours. Appointments are also available at short notice when you need to see a doctor or arrange an ultrasound quickly. We also provide longer appointment times so that you can receive the care you need without feeling rushed at all. Having more time with your sonographer can be particularly valuable when you are having a pregnancy ultrasound.


We don’t want you to have to wait around for your results, so we will provide them on the same day whenever we can. If you have to wait for the results of NIPT or other tests, we will ensure that you get them as soon as possible. When you receive your results, you will have the chance to talk to your sonographer or specialist at the clinic. We will ensure that you understand exactly what your results mean and the options that are available to you.


You do not need to have a referral from your GP or another doctor to visit the clinic. You can make an appointment directly for a scan or consultation. We can also coordinate your care with other doctors or clinics. We will provide referrals or reports of our results to keep your fertility clinic, GP or other specialists informed. We’ll also email the full results, including scan pictures, to you.

Our Standards

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent regulator that oversees all health services in England. The clinic has been thoroughly inspected and found to meet all the required national standards of care.

We promise to:

  • Always treat you with respect
  • Enable you to make informed decisions
  • Match our care to your needs and preferences
  • Protect you, your health and your personal information
  • Provide you with the highest quality care

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Thank you to all our patients for considering coming to our clinic. We aim to meet the highest standards.

Clinic Locations

Visit our clinic in Central London and Cheshire


137 Harley Street, London W1G 6BF
Nearest Underground Tube Stations

Baker Street
Regent’s Park
Great Portland Street


Alderley Edge Medical Centre, Talbot Road, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, SK9 7HR
Nearest Overground Train Station

Alderley Edge