The Harmony test is a screening test that can be used to assess the risk of certain genetic conditions. It is important to ensure that you understand what the test can and can’t tell you before you decide whether it is right for you

Different types of Down syndrome tests are available at different points in your pregnancy. You should think carefully about when will be the best time to have these tests as some can only be performed within a limited timeframe. You will only be able to confirm the results if you can have amniocentesis or CVS. Read More

When you have an Intrauterine Contraceptive Device or IUCD fitted, the doctor will tell you how to check the strings to ensure that it is in the right place. If at any point you aren’t able to find the strings, you may need to have an IUCD location scan to check that the device is Read More

If you’re visiting us for a private pregnancy scan in London then there are a few simple things you should do in order to make the trip a bit more comfortable

The ultrasound kit that The Birth Company uses at the clinic is of the latest technology to give you the best pictures during your private pregnancy scan. However, ultrasound technology is always developing and one innovative start-up has even managed to create a device that might one day enable you to use your smartphone to Read More

Ultrasound scans can play an important role in IVF treatment as they can enable each step of the process to be timed correctly. You will need to discuss the type of ultrasounds you need with the specialist who is treating you at your fertility clinic, but you can then arrange the scans at The Birth Read More

If you are about to begin IVF treatment then you will have to undergo a variety of tests to check on your health and fertility. Some of the tests will be performed at your fertility clinic, but you may also be advised to have an ultrasound. The Birth Company can perform a full pelvic ultrasound Read More