The ultrasound kit that The Birth Company uses at the clinic is of the latest technology to give you the best pictures during your private pregnancy scan. However, ultrasound technology is always developing and one innovative start-up has even managed to create a device that might one day enable you to use your smartphone to check on your baby in the womb.

Ultrasound on Your Smartphone

Ultrasound on Your Smartphone

The new device is a tiny ultrasound probe that is attached onto a smartphone. It can then be passed across your stomach just like the probes that we use in the clinic. An ultrasound wave is sent out and the echoes are captured and transformed into images that appear on the smartphone screen. Being able to do this with a smartphone could enable parents to see their baby much more often during pregnancy. The technology might one day help to change your antenatal care and the way you have your private pregnancy scan.

Could It Change Your Antenatal Care?

The creators emphasise that their invention is not intended to replace the private pregnancy scans you will have at a clinic like The Birth Company any time soon. The smartphone device isn’t designed for medical use so it can’t be used to take measurements or to check for any health problems. It will simply be there to provide some extra reassurance and bonding time for expectant parents. Even if the smartphone technology improves in the future, you will still need the guidance of an experienced sonographer or consultant in order to interpret the scan pictures. However, as the technology develops it might one day be possible for people in remote areas or who are in need of more frequent monitoring to send ultrasound pictures from a smartphone straight to a sonographer or doctor.