When you have your ultrasound scans during pregnancy, you will probably be focused on your baby. The ultrasound scan will certainly give us a chance to check on your baby’s wellbeing, but we will also be performing some important checks on your health too. ultrasound scan health check Check-Ups During Pregnancy You will have lots of different tests when you are pregnant. You will have regular check-ups with your obstetrician or midwife, which will probably involve blood pressure checks, urine tests and other investigations into your health. The results will often reveal more about your health and how the pregnancy is affecting you than they do about your baby. Ultrasound scans are a little bit different because the focus is on checking your baby’s growth and development. The information we get about your health is usually secondary. However, there are some important checks we perform that will help detect any issues that could be affecting you. Ultrasound Checks for Your Health During the ultrasound scan, we will be taking a close look at your womb and at the placenta that connects you and your baby. We will check for any potential issues with the structure and function of the placenta that could affect you or your baby. We can also check your cervical length to assess the risk of premature birth. Extra ultrasound scans can also be performed if you start experiencing symptoms such as pain or bleeding that could indicate something is wrong with you or the pregnancy. Ultrasound scans during pregnancy can sometimes reveal even more about the mother’s health. The sonographer will always look out for any abnormalities during the scan, which means that sometimes something unexpected will be spotted. In some cases, women’s lives have been saved because the scans revealed signs of ovarian, uterine or cervical cancer.