Coping with Anxiety in Pregnancy
Most of us will feel at least a little but anxious at some point during pregnancy. It is normal to worry about our babies, what the birth will be like, or whether we’ll experience any complications. However, there are plenty of things you can do to manage your worries, including visiting The Birth Company for a reassurance scan.

Anxiety in Pregnancy

Look After Yourself

Taking care of your own health is vital during pregnancy, not just for your physical wellbeing but for your mental health too. You should feel less stressed and worried if you:
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet

  • Get some regular exercise

  • Spend some time outside

  • Have plenty of sleep

Try Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques such as meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises can be very useful at times when you are feeling particularly anxious. You might want to join a pregnancy yoga class to help you to relax or try complementary therapies such as pregnancy massage and reflexology at The Birth Company.

Talk to Other People

Just talking about your feelings can often help you to feel better, so find a good listener among your friends and family who is willing to let you unburden yourself. Talking to people who have been through pregnancy themselves can be particularly useful as they have probably had similar thoughts and anxieties too.

Join an NCT or Antenatal Class

Attending antenatal classes can be very useful when you’re expecting, it can help with your anxiety in several ways:
  • You will learn a lot about pregnancy and childbirth, which can be very reassuring

  • You’ll meet lots of other parents who are having the same experiences

  • It can be a chance to get out of the house and socialise

Arrange a Reassurance Scan

Seeing your baby on an ultrasound can be a wonderful way to alleviate some of your worries, so it can be a good idea to arrange a reassurance scan if you’re feeling anxious. You’ll get peace of mind from having your baby’s growth and development checked again.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you’re feeling anxious you should mention it to your midwife or doctor, especially if it is making it hard for you to cope or you’re experiencing panic attacks. Anxiety is very common in pregnancy and help is available when you need it.

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