At The Birth Company we understand that anything concerning your developing pregnancy can be a worrying time. We understand that parents are anxious to know how well their baby is developing and how well he or she is growing. Non Invasive Prenatal Test At 12 weeks of pregnancy parents are offered a Nuchal Translucency scan. This is a combined screening test to check for Down syndrome, Patau and Edward syndrome. Following a high probability Nuchal Translucency result further testing would be discussed with you. The options include a CVS which is an invasive procedure or a Non-invasive prenatal test NIPT. We are delighted to offer the Non Invasive Prenatal Test that provides a gentler alternative by way of a blood test screening. The NIPT eliminates the risk of miscarriage as the test is carried out by taking a blood sample from the mothers arm. This can be performed from as early as 10 weeks the sample is examined for cell which is found in the mother’s blood that gives information about the DNA of the baby. The Birth Company is open every day every day of the week including weekends. We know how frustrating it can be waiting for an appointment or getting time off work to attend and so we eliminate this issue with flexibility over appointments. The NIPT includes a detailed ultrasound scan prior to the blood being taken. NIPT scan can be used for twin pregnancies as well as singleton donor or surrogate pregnancies. We would be very happy to help parents through this worrying time by providing this simple yet effective way of testing in pregnancy. Please contact us for more information about booking NIPT appointment or any other advice regarding a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT).