Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood are major life choices that change things in so many ways. Life changes dramatically when you become a parent, so it only makes sense that you'd want to consider more than the physical side of pregnancy when you're thinking about prenatal care. The holistic approach is one that women are considering in increasing numbers, because this approach considers body, mind, and spirit, helping women to enjoy a pregnancy that’s healthy in more ways than one. Holistic Approach to Pregnancy

How You Can Benefit from a Holistic Pregnancy

1. Have the healthiest possible pregnancy

Pregnancy causes many changes to your body, some temporary, and some which may end up being permanent. Opting for a holistic pregnancy can help you achieve the best physical health possible, minimise the discomfort that you experience during pregnancy, and help you enjoy and accept your new body. Holistic pregnancy emphasizes the importance of choosing healthy, nutrition-rich foods, and getting regular exercise, to help your body deal with the demands of pregnancy and childbirth. This approach improves physical fitness and it’s also great for mental well-being, too.

2. Avoid unnecessary medical intervention

Particularly during childbirth, there can develop a spiralling effect where the use of one medical intervention means that another is then needed. For instance, epidural typically makes labour last longer, which then means a woman may be given hormone injections to speed up the delivery, or in some cases may have a caesarean. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to avoid important health check-ups such as ultrasound scans. The point of a holistic pregnancy is to have an experience that’s healthy, safe, and comfortable, and there’s no single “right” way to do this. Ultrasound scans help ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy, and they’re important milestones for many women, too. Many complementary therapies have proven to be more than adequate substitutes for pain medication, even during childbirth. Massage and acupuncture, for instance, are both effective ways to reduce discomfort and pain and improve overall well-being. In natural childbirth, breathing techniques and birthing postures are common ways to ease pain.

3. Experience natural childbirth

The holistic approach aims to help women experience childbirth naturally, without unnecessary medical intervention and technology. Women who experience childbirth in this way typically feel empowered by the process, and more in touch with what’s going on during labour. Opting for the natural approach also means that labour and birth proceed more naturally and without interruptions and can even reduce the risks that you’ll have trouble breast-feeding over the first few days.