A Non Invasive Prenatal Test or NIPT is one of the more recent tests available to pregnant women. It can be carried out from around 10 weeks and can give parents to be a result regarding whether or not a baby may have Down ’s syndrome as well as Edward’s Syndrome and Patau’s Syndrome. benefits of NIPT Like anything new it might be difficult to know what is best for your family so at the Birth Company we’ve put together a few reasons as to why NIPT could be beneficial:
  • It reduces the risk of miscarriage. As the name suggests the NIPT is non-invasive and so the risk of miscarriage is removed. As this test is carried out using a blood sample alone then it is much less intrusive and poses no risk to the pregnancy.
  • It can be done privately. When it comes to the health of an unborn baby many people quite rightly are very concerned and anxious. In a private clinic for NIPT the setting could help parents to be at ease our service is also flexible and appointments can even be booked for a weekend to allow complete flexibility for families.
  • Quick turnaround time .Results take between 3 – 14 Calendar days so that parents aren’t agonising for too long. In the unlikely event of an unsuccessful test we offer a free redraw we keep in touch with parents every step of the way as we fully recognise how stressful it can be both undergoing a test such as this and waiting for the results.