Ultrasound scans can play an important role in IVF treatment as they can enable each step of the process to be timed correctly. You will need to discuss the type of ultrasounds you need with the specialist who is treating you at your fertility clinic, but you can then arrange the scans at The Birth Company. We will perform the IVF scan for you and them provide a full report for your fertility doctor. You may be advised to have ultrasounds at the following points during your IVF treatment.

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Before You Start Fertility Treatment

It can be a good idea to have a pelvic scan before you begin fertility treatment. The ultrasound can identify any issues that may affect your fertility or influence the success of IVF treatment. For example, you could have a condition such as fibroids or endometriosis that may require treatment before you start IVF. The scan can also provide important information for your fertility specialist that can help guide your treatment.

Egg Collection

One of the most important steps in fertility treatment is the collection of eggs from your ovaries. Your fertility specialist will advise you arrange a scan after you start taking medication to stimulate the eggs to mature. You should arrange your scan at The Birth Company on the 9th day of your menstrual cycle. Further scans may then be needed if your eggs are not ready yet. Once we see enough mature follicles, we will inform your fertility specialist that they are ready for collection.

Embryo Implantation

After the eggs have been fertilised in vitro, it is important to find the right time for your fertility doctor to implant the resulting embryos. We can perform an IVF scan to determine when your womb lining is at its thickest, which will usually be around the 9th day or your menstrual cycle. We will then inform your fertility clinic when you are ready for the embryo transfer.

After IVF Treatment

If your IVF treatment is a success and you have a positive pregnancy test, you can arrange an early pregnancy scan from 6-7 weeks or wait until it is time for the first routine scan at 11-14 weeks.