If you’re visiting us for a private pregnancy scan in London then there are a few simple things you should do in order to make the trip a bit more comfortable.

Ultrasound Scan Appointment

Planning Your Journey

Thinking about how you will get to the clinic before you set out can make the trip easier. It is best to arrange your appointment so that you can travel at a less busy time of day. If you need to make a long trip by car then you should plan regular stops for toilet breaks and to stretch your legs. Moving around can prevent problems like cramp and swelling. Travelling by train may be easier if you are uncomfortable sitting still, but make sure that you know your rights on public transport. If you live in the southeast you can apply for a Baby on Board badge from Transport for London which could make getting a seat on your way to the private pregnancy scan a little easier.

During Your Trip

Pick out some comfortable clothes to wear on the day of your private pregnancy scan. Loose clothing with a soft waistband that won’t rub on your bump will usually be best. It is also sensible to bring layers as the weather changes or you hear up in a car or on the tube. Having an extra jumper to roll up or a cushion can also be a good idea in case your back starts to ache. You should make sure that you have some snacks and plenty of water, especially as a slightly full bladder will give the best pictures for your ultrasound. If you are travelling by car, make sure that you wear the lap band of your seatbelt under your bump as this is the safest option. In any form of transport, watch out for signs of nausea, faintness and fatigue. Sitting down and looking out of the window should help, so don’t be shy about asking for a seat if you need one on public transport.