Ultrasounds can play a key role in IVF treatment, but many fertility clinics in the UK aren’t able to perform the scans themselves. If you need to have scans as part of your fertility treatment, you can easily arrange them at The Birth Company clinics in London or Cheshire.

Ultrasound Scans Help With IVF

What IVF Scans Do You Need?

The treatment that you are receiving at your fertility clinic will take place in several stages. The first stage involves taking medication to stimulate your ovaries to produce as many mature eggs as possible. The first IVF scan will be performed after you have been taking this medication for a while. The follicle tracking scan will check that the eggs in your ovaries are maturing properly and determine when they are ready to be collected. The fertility clinic will then perform the procedure to harvest your eggs so that they can be fertilised in vitro. When the embryos have reached the right stage to be transferred into the womb, another IVF scan will be performed to measure the thickness of the endometrial lining. The embryo has a better chance of implanting successfully when the endometrial lining is at its thickest point. The final stage of the IVF treatment, the embryo transfer, will then be performed at your fertility clinic.

How We Coordinate With Your Fertility Clinic

We understand how complicated and stressful fertility treatment can be, so we do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you. We will be able to arrange an IVF scan for you quickly as soon as your fertility specialist tells you that you’re at the right stage of the treatment and your menstrual cycle. We can even arrange next day, evening and weekend appointments if you need them. Our sonographers have lots of experience with IVF scans so they will be able to explain the scan results to you. We will also send copies of the scan report and pictures directly to your IVF clinic.