Why Are Wellbeing Scans Carried Out?
Women in the UK aren’t routinely offered scans after about 20 weeks through the NHS, but there are some important reasons why you may need to have a later ultrasound. It’s also a good idea to consider arranging a private Wellbeing Scan so that you can check in on your baby during the second half of your pregnancy. Why Wellbeing Scan Carried Out?

What is a Wellbeing Scan?

Wellbeing Scans are ultrasounds that are performed after the routine mid-pregnancy Anomaly Scan. We can perform a Wellbeing Scan at any time between 24 weeks and the end of your pregnancy. You might just have a single scan during this period in order to check that your baby is well. However, it can sometimes be important to get a series of Wellbeing Scans so that we can monitor your condition. During the scan, we will measure your baby to see how much he or she has grown. We will also check on your baby’s health and development, although it can be harder to get clear views of all the organs as your baby gets bigger. We’ll check the placenta and umbilical cord and perform a Doppler scan to assess blood flow through the umbilical cord too.

Reasons to Have a Wellbeing Scan in Pregnancy

You can decide how many ultrasound scans you want to have while you are pregnant. It’s completely safe to have extra Wellbeing Scans if you want to see your baby more often. You should also talk to your antenatal care provider about which tests and scans are right for you. Your Midwife or Obstetrician might recommend additional scans if there are any additional risks or complications during your pregnancy. You might need to have a Wellbeing Scan for medical reasons:
  • Monitoring issues such as a low-lying placenta
  • Taking a closer look at any abnormalities spotted on previous scans
  • Checking on your baby’s growth if they were smaller or larger than expected at previous scans or if your baby bump is smaller or larger than expected
  • Extra monitoring for higher risk pregnancies, for example if you are expecting twins or more
  • Extra checks on you and your baby if you’re experiencing complications such as pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes, or if you’ve had problems in previous pregnancies
  • Investigating any unusual pregnancy symptoms such as pain, bleeding, fluid loss or reduced movement of the baby
However, you can also arrange a private Wellbeing Scan. You might want to do this to:
  • Reassure yourself that your baby is well and everything is progressing as expected
  • Enjoy some more time bonding with your baby and get some extra scan pictures and videos
  • Find out your baby’s gender if you don’t already know it (for example if you changed your mind or it wasn’t possible to tell at your previous scan)

Arranging Your Wellbeing Scan

It’s very easy to arrange a Wellbeing Scan at The Birth Company clinics in Cheshire or London. Simply use the online booking form to arrange your ultrasound at a time that suits you. You’ll get scan pictures, an electronic link to your baby scan video, and a full report on the ultrasound to add to your maternity notes.

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