Can You Have a Pelvic Ultrasound During Your Period?

If you’re experiencing menstrual symptoms or your doctor has referred you to us for full pelvic ultrasound scans then you may be wondering when is the best time to arrange your appointment during your menstrual cycle. The most common question we hear about the timing of scans is whether it is possible to have a pelvic ultrasound during your period.

Pelvic Ultrasound During Your Period

When to Arrange Your Pelvic Ultrasound

You should be able to have the scan at any point in your menstrual cycle as most gynaecological conditions can be assessed and diagnosed at any time. However, you should consider the following when making your appointment:

  • Full pelvic ultrasound scans are usually performed trans-vaginally, so you may feel more comfortable if you are able to arrange the appointment when you are not on your period.
  • Don’t put the scan off if you need the results quickly or you have an irregular cycle that is difficult to predict.
  • If you are on your period it can be easier to use pads rather than a tampon when you visit the clinic as the tampon would have to be removed to perform the scan.

Sometimes your gynaecologist will recommend that your pelvic scan is performed at a particular point in your menstrual cycle. For example:

Fertility checks are usually performed from around day 9 of your cycle

endometrial problems such as polyps can be easier to detect on full pelvic ultrasound scans just after the end of your period when the womb lining is thinner.

Preparing for the Scan

In addition to thinking about when you want to have the full pelvic scan, you can also do the following to prepare for a trans-vaginal ultrasound:

  • Empty your bladder just before the scan.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to remove from your lower half or a skirt that can be lifted up out of the way. You will be given a gown or towel to protect your privacy during the scan.
  • Tell the sonographer or consultant if you’re feeling anxious or you have any questions about the procedure.

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