Choosing the Right Ultrasound Centre

Choosing the right private ultrasound clinic in Cheshire can make a big difference to your experience. The right clinic will provide the highest quality service in a calm, friendly environment where you feel comfortable.

Find an Ultrasound Clinic in Cheshire

The best way to start narrowing down your options is to look for ultrasound centres in a particular area. You should decide how far you are willing to travel for your scans and then search online for private ultrasound scan clinics in the right part of Cheshire.

The Birth Company clinic is conveniently situated in Alderley Edge, right above the local GP clinic. We’re easy to reach by road or rail if you want to arrange your private ultrasound scan in Cheshire.

Learn More About Your Ultrasound Centre

Once you have a list of the clinics that are available in your area, you should spend some time looking at their websites to learn a little bit more about them. You might also want to check the Care Quality Commission website for any reports on the clinic and to look for reviews or testimonials from previous patients.

It can be good to get a general sense of the clinic’s atmosphere and philosophy. You should choose a clinic that feels right so that you will be as comfortable as possible when you visit. However, there are also some other important factors to consider when making your choice. The simplest way to compare the clinics is to make a list of all the points that matter to you and then to note down how well each clinic meets them. The best private ultrasound clinic in Cheshire will be the one that matches your criteria most closely.

Some points that you might want to consider include:

  • Ultrasound services: can the clinic perform all of the scans that you need, including special services such as gender scans or 4D ultrasounds?
  • Other tests: will you be able to have other screening tests such as NIPT at the clinic? Does it offer different options such as the Harmony test, Panorama test and SAFE test?
  • Experience: does the clinic specialise in ultrasound scans? How long have they been working in this field (in Cheshire or elsewhere)?
  • Staff: who will be performing your ultrasound or 4D baby scan? Do the sonographers have a lot of experience performing and interpreting scans?
  • Practical points: is it easy to arrange an appointment at a time that suits you? Are urgent appointments available when necessary?

If you’re considering The Birth Company for your ultrasound scans in Cheshire, then we hope you’ll learn a lot about us from our website. As specialists in pregnancy and gynaecological scans, we provide a wide range of ultrasound and NIPT services. We’ve scanned thousands of women since we first started out in London in the year 2000, and we now have a team of experienced sonographers working at our state of the art ultrasound clinic in Cheshire.

Making Your Choice

Once you’ve learnt more about your options, you should be ready to make a choice. If you want to visit us for your ultrasound scans in Cheshire, then don’t hesitate to book an appointment through our simple online system.

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