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Early Pregnancy Scan

What is an early pregnancy scan?

An early pregnancy scan can be performed from just 7 weeks to confirm that you’re pregnant and find out when the baby is due. The scan is also a chance to check that you and your baby are both well. The viability of the pregnancy will be confirmed, and we can investigate the causes of any symptoms such as pain or bleeding. We recommend an early scan for anyone who is experiencing these symptoms as well as for all women over 35.

Why this scan?

  • Confirm that you’re pregnant
  • Rule out ectopic pregnancy
  • Investigate symptoms such as bleeding
  • Get an estimation of your due date
  • Find out if you’re expecting twins

What you will receive

  • Ultrasound results including an estimated due date
  • A full scan report to add to your maternity notes
  • Pictures of your scan
  • A link to see or share your electronic scan pictures and video online

When Should You Have an Early Pregnancy Scan?

Anyone can have an early pregnancy scan between 7 and 11 weeks. We recommend this early scan to all mothers over the age of 35 or when there are issues such as pain or bleeding that need to be investigated. Having an early scan can also be very reassuring so you might want to arrange one if you are feeling anxious, you’ve experienced problems during previous pregnancies (such as a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy), or you’ve conceived through fertility treatment.

You will also have the chance to see your baby on the screen for the first time during the early scan. It can be an amazing experience, even when he or she is still this small. At just 7 weeks, your baby is only about as large as a blueberry, but already has a beating heart that we will be able to listen to during the ultrasound scan.

What to Expect

  • You can have an early pregnancy scan between 7 and 11 weeks.
  • The scan can usually be performed trans-abdominally, so make sure that you wear something that can easily be pulled back from your belly. We’ll put some gel on your skin and then pass the ultrasound probe across it to generate pictures of your womb. It can help to have a drink of water when you arrive at the clinic for the appointment so that your bladder is moderately full.
  • At the end of the scan, you will be given a detailed report to add to your maternity notes. We’ll also give you an online link to your ultrasound pictures and videos so that you can view or share them.

Arranging an Early Pregnancy Scan

It’s easy to make an appointment for an early scan at our ultrasound clinic in Cheshire. We can arrange early scans at short notice if you’re feeling anxious, experiencing symptoms or you’ve just found out you’re pregnant.

Use our simple online booking system to arrange your early pregnancy scan at our Cheshire clinic any time between 7 and 11 weeks.

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