3D/4D Scan 'HD Live' Ultrasound Scan 26-32 weeks of pregnancy

What is a 3D/4D scan?

A 3D/4D scan is a special type of ultrasound that enables you to see clear, realistic pictures of your baby’s face before he or she is born. You will be able to see detailed 3D ultrasound images that move in real time. We recommend having this scan between 26 and 32 weeks to get the best pictures.

Why this scan?

  • Get the clearest ultrasound pictures
  • See your baby’s face in 3D and HD
  • Enjoy a unique bonding experience with your baby

What you will receive?

  • 3D scan pictures showing your baby’s face
  • Electronic scan pictures and videos to keep and share
  • Scan report to add to your maternity notes

When Should You Have a 3D/4D Scan?

The main reason to have a 3D or 4D scan is simply because you want to see these beautiful, high definition images of your baby in the womb. We can perform a 4D ultrasound any time between 26 and 32 weeks.

A 4D ultrasound will look very different to the routine 2D scans that you have as part of your antenatal care. The term 4D refers to the fact that the images are in 3D but will also move in the fourth dimension of time. You may also hear the term 3D ultrasound used to refer to this type of scan. We perform 4D scans using HD Live technology to provide the clearest high definition pictures.

The 4D ultrasound isn’t performed for medical reasons, but we will still perform some basic checks during the scan. We’ll measure your baby’s growth, check the major organs, and make sure that the placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic fluid all look healthy. We can also tell your baby’s gender during this scan if you don’t already know.

What to Expect

  • The best time for a 4D ultrasound is between 26-32 weeks. We should be able to get clear pictures during this period before your baby moves down into the pelvis in preparation for the birth.
  • 4D scans are performed just like your usual trans-abdominal ultrasounds. You will be asked to lie down and remove the clothing from your belly. The ultrasound probe will be passed over your skin to get pictures from different angles. The 4D scan uses the same ultrasound waves as conventional scans, but the data is processed differently to create 3D images that move in real time.
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to get good 4D scan pictures, for example if your baby is in the wrong position to get a clear look at his or her face. Taking short walk or having a sweet drink will often encourage the baby to move so that we can try again.

Arranging Your 3D/4D Scan

If you would like to have a 3D/4D scan in Cheshire, just book your appointment through our simple online system. All our 4D baby scans are performed using the latest 'HD live' technology by one of our experienced sonographers. You can be sure that you are getting the best possible pictures of your baby in the womb.

Should I get the COVID-19 Vaccine in pregnancy?

COVID-19 vaccines are strongly recommended in pregnancy. Vaccination is the best way to protect against the known risks of COVID-19 in pregnancy for both women and babies. Women may wish to discuss the benefits and risks of having the vaccine with their healthcare professional and reach a joint decision based on individual circumstances.

Frequent questions regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine

Find below a link to a Q&A from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists regarding Covid-19 Vaccines, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

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