How Your Baby Scan in Cheshire Helps with Bonding

The ultrasound scans you have during pregnancy are much more than medical tests. The scans we perform are also a chance for you to bond with your baby before the birth.

Why is Seeing Your Baby So Important?

Ultrasound scans can provide valuable information about your baby’s growth and development, but they can also be a very important experience for you as a parent. Seeing your baby on the screen for the first time can be particularly emotional. For many parents, this is the moment when it all starts to feel real. It can be especially dramatic for expectant fathers or couples who are using a surrogate, as they won’t have experienced the same physical symptoms of pregnancy.

Spending time looking at your baby on the screen, listening to the heartbeat, and seeing the tiny movements that he or she is making, can also help you to develop a strong bond with your baby. Although everyone is different, it is these moments when you can actually see your baby that trigger some of the most memorable and powerful emotions.

The scan pictures and videos that we will provide after your baby scan in Cheshire can also help with this bonding process. You will be able to look at your baby scan pictures whenever you want to feel close to your baby, and you’ll also be able to share them with other people. Showing the ultrasound pictures to the baby’s grandparents, older siblings and other close friends and family members can start to develop the bonds between all these people who will love and care for your baby.

Getting Extra Bonding Time

If you have enjoyed seeing your baby during your ultrasounds, then it is very easy to arrange some additional private baby scans in Cheshire in order to see your baby more often. For example, you might want to fit in a reassurance or sexing scan in between your routine 12 and 20 week scans so that you won’t have to wait too long to see your baby again. You can also arrange extra growth and wellbeing scans later in the pregnancy in order to check on your baby. It’s even possible to have a 4D baby scan in Cheshire to see your baby’s face in detail.

4D Baby Scans

Visiting us for a 4D baby scan in Cheshire can be one of the best ways to bond with your baby before the birth. A 4D ultrasound will give you the clearest pictures of your baby in the womb, with realistic 3D images that move in real time. We perform our 4D scans in Cheshire using the latest HD Live technology, which will give you the most detailed images that are currently available. Since the main purpose of 4D scans is to enjoy seeing and bonding with your baby, it can be a very fun and relaxing experience.

Whether you’ve having a 4D ultrasound or one of our other baby scans in Cheshire, seeing your baby can be a magical experience. Use our simple online booking system to arrange a pregnancy scan whenever you want to enjoy that feeling again.

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