IUCD Location Scan

What is an IUCD location scan?

An IUCD location scan can be used to check on your intra-uterine contraceptive device if there’s a chance it has moved out of place. We will be able to locate the IUCD on an ultrasound scan to find out if it has moved, is causing problems such as tears or bleeding or is no longer working properly. The scan pictures will help to guide the procedure if the IUCD does need to be removed.

Why this scan?

  • Check that the IUCD is fitted correctly
  • Investigate symptoms such as pain or bleeding
  • Locate the IUCD if it has moved
  • Confirm that the IUCD is working properly

What you will receive

  • Full ultrasound report
  • Scan pictures for your medical records

When Should You Have an IUCD Location Scan?

Your IUCD or contraceptive device needs to be fitted properly in order to prevent you from getting pregnant. When the device was fitted, your doctor will have shown you how to feel for the strings to check that the IUCD is in the correct position. If you are unable to feel the strings, then the device may have moved. Other signs that your IUCD might be incorrectly fitted or out of place include pain and bleeding, which can happen if the IUCD damaged your womb or cervix when it shifted.

We will check the IUCD’s location and position. We’ll also locate the strings, which may be needed to remove the IUCD and check for any damage. The scan will tell us if the IUCD is still working and whether it needs to be removed.

What to Expect

  • We will need to perform a trans-abdominal ultrasound to locate your IUCD. 
  • If the IUCD is out of place and might cause damage or fail to protect you properly, then it will need to be removed. If we can reach the IUCD with instruments, then we should be able to do this for you. However, if the IUCD is difficult to reach or there’s damage that needs to be repaired, you may need to see a gynaecologist to have it taken out.

Arranging an IUCD Location Scan

If you’re worried that your IUCD might be out of place or not working properly, then it’s easy to make an appointment for an IUCD location scan at our clinic in Cheshire. One of our experienced sonographers will perform the scan for you and advise you on what to do next if the IUCD has become displaced.

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