The Birth Company Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans in Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Ultrasound scans are an important part of your antenatal care. We provide a number of Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans to ensure you and your antenatal care provider get as much information as you need during pregnancy.

How Many Scans Should You Have During Pregnancy?

All women in the UK will be offered at least two ultrasounds during pregnancy, the Nuchal Translucency Scan and Anomaly scan. However, you may need more frequent scans if there are any complications or if you’re at higher risk, for example during a twin pregnancy. At The Birth Company, we recommend having some extra baby scans so that we can monitor your baby’s growth and development more closely.

The Birth Company Baby Scans Available in Cheshire

The Birth Company clinic in Cheshire can provide all of the baby scans that you might need while you are pregnant:

  • Early pregnancy scans
  • Nuchal Translucency Scan
  • Reassurance scans
  • Gender scans
  • Anomaly scans
  • Wellbeing scans
  • Cervical length scans
  • 4D ultrasound scans

Each of these scans focuses on different aspects of your health and your baby’s development and will be recommended at different times during pregnancy. Certain screening tests and health checks can only be performed at certain stages of development. We can advise you on which scans are right for you, but this is also something that you can discuss with your midwife or obstetrician.

The Birth Company Baby Scan Packages

In order to make your life easier and to ensure that you get the best deal on The Birth Company baby scans in Cheshire, we have created three scan packages including some of the most popular combinations of ultrasounds. You might want to choose one of these if you’re visiting us for some or all of your scans.

  • Bronze package: includes a reassurance scan at 16 weeks and two wellbeing scans at 28 and 36 weeks. This package is a good add-on if you are having your nuchal and anomaly scans through the NHS.
  • Silver package: includes the same scans as the bronze package, but with the addition of your Nuchal Translucency Scan and anomaly scan. If you want to have all of your ultrasounds at The Birth Company in Cheshire, this could be the right package for you.
  • Gold package: includes the anomaly scan and two wellbeing scans at 28 and 36 weeks but combines the nuchal translucency test with the reassurance scan at 13-14 weeks instead of having a separate Nuchal Translucency Scan. Instead, we will perform NIPT after you reach 10 weeks so that we can provide the most accurate screening results for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome.

Choosing one of these scan packages can be very convenient and cost-effective, but you will also have the flexibility to add on extra scans if you want them. For example, you might want to arrange a 4D ultrasound or an early pregnancy scan in Cheshire alongside the scans in your package.

Booking Your Baby Scans in Cheshire

It’s very easy to arrange your baby scans at The Birth Company ultrasound centre in Cheshire. Just use our simple online form to book an appointment at a time that suits you.

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