What to Do at My Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan?

Having a private pregnancy scan at our ultrasound clinic in Cheshire can be a magical experience. You’ll get to see your baby on the screen and listen to his or her heartbeat. However, an ultrasound scan is an important medical test, so you may be feeling a bit anxious. You can always talk to your sonographer if you are worried but finding out a bit more about what to expect during the scan should also help.

Having an Abdominal Scan

When you visit us for a private baby scan in Cheshire, we will usually be performing a trans-abdominal scan. Having this kind of ultrasound is very easy, as it simply involves passing the ultrasound probe across your belly. It helps to have a moderately full bladder, so you should have a drink before you visit us. You’ll be asked to lie down and move the clothes back from your belly. We’ll put some lubricating jelly on your skin to help the ultrasound probe to get a clear picture. All you will feel is a bit of pressure as we move the probe around to get pictures from different angles. The ultrasound is completely safe and totally painless.

Having an Internal Ultrasound

You won’t usually need to have an internal ultrasound during pregnancy, but it might be necessary if you need a more specialised test such as a cervical length scan. During an internal scan, a specially designed ultrasound probe will be inserted into your vagina. It can feel a bit uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t hurt. If you’re having this type of scan, then you will need to remove the lower half of your clothing. You will also need to empty your bladder when you arrive at the clinic for your scan.

What Will You See?

When you have either type of private pregnancy scan in Cheshire, the images created by the ultrasound machine will appear immediately on the screen. You will be able to take a look and the sonographer will explain what you can see. What you see will depend on how far along in the pregnancy you are. You will see much more detail during the later scans than if you are having an early pregnancy scan. If you have a 4D baby scan then you will see some very realistic, 3D pictures of your baby’s face.

After the Scan

The sonographer will take lots of measurements of your baby and perform some important health checks during the scan. You will get a full report on all of these results after the scan, which you should share with your antenatal care provider. In addition to the scan pictures we’ll provide for your maternity notes, you’ll also get copies to keep for yourself. We’ll also give you a secure online link that you can use to view or share your baby scan pictures and video.

If you have any questions or concerns, at any point, then you should feel free to discuss them with your sonographer. We want you to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during your private pregnancy scan in Cheshire.

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