Why Do You Need IVF Ultrasound Scans in Cheshire?

Fertility treatment can involve having a lot of different kinds of tests at different stages of the process. One of the tests that your fertility specialist might recommend is an ultrasound scan. If you’ve been referred for IVF ultrasound scans in Cheshire, then you can visit us to have them.

Why Do You Need Ultrasound Scans During IVF Treatment?

Ultrasound scans are a type of imaging test that we can use to safely and painlessly look inside your body. You might need to have scans at several different points during your IVF treatment in Cheshire so that we can find out what is happening in your reproductive system. We will share the results with your fertility clinic so that they can use this information to plan out your treatment.

By seeing inside your body with ultrasound we can find out:

  • If there are any medical problems that could be affecting your fertility, and which may need to be treated before you start IVF. For example, you might have ovarian cysts or uterine fibroids that need to be reduced or removed to improve the chances of success.
  • Whether you are ovulating (releasing mature eggs). If you aren’t ovulating naturally then it may still be possible for your fertility clinic to stimulate the process with medication, but you might also need to consider using donor eggs.
  • How well your body is responding to the medication used to stimulate over-production of mature eggs before they are collected for IVF. We can check the effects of the medication and tell your fertility clinic when there are lots of mature eggs ready to be collected.
  • If your womb is ready for the embryo transfer. We will check the womb lining and measure its thickness. The embryos should be transferred when the lining is at its thickest in order to give them the best chance to implant. We’ll tell your fertility clinic when you are ready for the next step of fertility treatment.
  • Whether the IVF treatment was a success. We can perform an early pregnancy scan from just 7 weeks to confirm the pregnancy and to check that it is viable. We’ll then be able to continue providing all of the ultrasound scans that you need until your baby arrives.

We can perform IVF ultrasound scans in Cheshire to help with fertility assessments before you begin treatment, to check your response to the fertility drugs, and to ensure that procedures like egg collections and embryo transfer are performed at the best time. The information that these scans provide will ensure that you get the best possible care and have the highest chances of success.

Booking Your IVF Ultrasound Scans in Cheshire

If you need to arrange IVF ultrasound scans in Cheshire, then it’s easy to make an appointment at The Birth Company. We can perform all of the scans that you need before and during your IVF treatment and we’ll be here to provide the scans you need during pregnancy too.

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