Why Visit Our Private Ultrasound Centre in Cheshire?

If you need to arrange a baby scan or gynaecological ultrasound in Cheshire, then you may be considering having your scans at a private clinic. Although you can have some scans on the NHS, there are some very good reasons to visit a private ultrasound clinic instead.


One of the biggest advantages of choosing private care is that you will have a lot more choice and flexibility. You will be able to choose the private ultrasound clinic in Cheshire where you want to have your scans. You can select a location that will be easy for you to reach and make sure that the sonographers will be as experienced as possible. It will also be a lot easier to make appointments at times that suit you when you choose private care, rather than having to wait for an appointment to become available.

Extra Scans and Services

Another benefit of visiting a private ultrasound centre in Cheshire is that you will be able to access services that might not be available through the NHS. At The Birth Company clinic in Alderley Edge, you can have reassurance scans, gender scans and 4D scans that you would not be able to have on the NHS.

You will also be able to schedule more scans during your pregnancy than are covered by the NHS. Most women will only be offered two routine NHS scans during pregnancy, with extra scans only available when there is a medical need. At a private clinic, you can choose how many scans you have and when you want to have them.

Arranging a Private Baby Scan in Cheshire

Arranging a private baby scan is very easy. All you need to do is book an appointment at your preferred clinic. You can make the appointment directly or speak to your antenatal care provider first. If you need the scan for medical purposes, then your midwife or obstetrician may have referred you for a scan, which you can choose to have at a private clinic.

You can choose to have all of your scans privately, but it is also possible to have your routine scans through the NHS and then to visit a private clinic for additional scans. You might only want to have one scan, such as a 4D ultrasound, or to visit for regular scans so that you can see your baby more often.

It is also possible to have other types of scans privately in Cheshire, including IVF scans and gynaecological ultrasounds. You will usually be given a referral letter by your fertility clinic, GP or gynaecologist to explain why you need these kinds of scans. Getting a referral can be important if you’re planning to use health insurance to pay for your scans as it is a requirement for some policies.

If you would like to book a scan at our private ultrasound centre in Cheshire, then it’s very easy to schedule an appointment through our online system. We’ll perform the scan at our comfortable clinic in Alderley Edge, where you can be sure that you are receiving the best possible care.

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