External Scans

What Happens During an External Scan

If you are having an external scan, the ultrasound probe will simply be pressed against the bare skin of your abdomen.

  • We will ask you to remove any clothes that are covering your tummy. It is usually enough to pull up your top a little and pull down your skirt or trousers, but make sure you’re wearing something loose and comfortable.
  • Next, we’ll apply a small amount of gel to help the ultrasound probe make proper contact with your skin. The gel will feel cool and sticky. We’ll wipe it off at the end of the scan, but it’s a good idea to wear something that you don’t mind getting a bit wet, just in case.
  • We’ll press the ultrasound probe against your skin and then move it across your abdomen to get pictures from different angles.
  • You won’t feel much during an external scan, but there will be a bit of pressure on your tummy from the probe.

You’ll usually be asked to come in with a full bladder for an external scan. You shouldn’t make yourself uncomfortable, but try to avoid emptying your bladder right before the scan. We recommend drinking a glass of water about an hour before the appointment.

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