4D Scan (3D/4D “HD Live” Ultrasound Scans) (26-32 Weeks)

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  • Always with a qualified, accredited sonographer.
  • Still ultrasound images and clips to share online, via YourBabyScan.
  • USB stick recording of your 3D/4D experience
  • Printed ultrasound images
  • New 'HD Live'


A 3D/4D ultrasound scan can be performed in order to see a preview of the baby from 26 to 32 weeks of pregnancy.

A 4D scan is a 3D scan with the added dimension of time – as in a film or video – so the baby can be seen to be moving. 4D scans are not usually needed for medical reasons.

If the baby has a rare malformation, a 3D or 4D scan could provide extra information for medical purposes, but this is rare.

Parents may want the scan if they are curious to see their baby's face. If you have a 3D or 4D scan, we always do a wellbeing scan first, before trying to view the face or other parts of the body in 4D. It may take some time to get a good view of the baby, so the scan could take 30-60 minutes.

If the baby is not in a favourable position you may be asked to go for a walk and return later. The best time to do a 4D scan is at 26-32 weeks of pregnancy when there is a greater volume of amniotic fluid but when the baby has not yet become too big. It is more difficult to see the face if the baby has its arms or legs in front of the face. The baby can be seen to be moving. Sometimes it is possible to record your baby yawning or stretching.

When can I have the scan?

A 3D/4D scan is ideally is performed between 26 – 32 weeks of pregnancy.

What will be checked during the scan?

  • Growth
  • Umbilical artery doppler
  • The placenta position and appearance
  • Amount of amniotic fluid
  • Stomach, kidneys and bladder
  • Gender (if you wish)

What are the indications or reasons for having this scan?

3D / 4D scans are most often done to satisfy curiosity of the family. There is no danger in doing them although it is better that they are not prolonged or repeated excessively.

Consultant or Sonographer?

The sonographer is the best and most qualified person to do this scan.

Is it easy to make an appointment?

We offer morning, afternoon and evening appointments during the week, as well as weekend appointments. A surcharge will be applied for evening and weekend appointments. We have a wide range of availability therefore short notice appointments can be easily arranged.

What you will receive:

  • Ultrasound scan results and a report to file with your maternity notes.
  • Ultrasound images
  • Short video clips and ultrasound images sent electronically with a copy of your report.
  • You will receive a USB stick with video recording of the baby.

How to Prepare for your scan

  • There is no particular preparation for this scan.

Can there be a problem with performing a 3D/4D scan?

Yes. The baby needs to be co-operative. This may take up to 45 minutes. If the mother is overweight it may be particularly difficult. We may ask you to take a short walk and a sweetened drink to get the baby to move. Rarely we may need you to come back on another day. If the placenta is at the front this can also causes problems in getting good pictures.

What recording will you receive?

We provide still ultrasound images for you to take away with you on the day. We also send these to you electronically, with a couple of video clips. We also provide a USB stick with the full 3D/4D experience.

What is the next scan following a 3D/4D ultrasound?

A wellbeing and growth scan can be done anytime.



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