List of scans during pregnancy (list with small explanation of each)

  • Viability Scan: an early scan to confirm that you are pregnant, work out your due date and check that you and your baby are healthy.
  • Nuchal Translucency Scan: the routine 12 week scan to check your baby’s growth and development. We can assess the risk of Down’s, Patau’s and Edward’s syndromes and check for certain foetal anomalies.
  • Reassurance Scan: an additional scan to check on your baby’s health if you‘re feeling anxious or you have a high risk pregnancy. We also recommend this test if you’re experiencing bleeding or other symptoms.
  • Sexing Scan: an extra scan to find out if you’re expecting a boy or a girl, before the next routine scan. We won’t usually perform the full range of health checks, but we’ll measure your baby and spot any major issues.
  • Anomaly Scan: the routine 20 week scan to check your baby’s health and development. We’ll measure your baby and check the heart, brain, spine, bowel, limbs and other structures for abnormalities. We’ll also look for any issues with the placenta, umbilical cord or amniotic fluid. We can usually tell your baby’s sex at this scan if you haven’t already found out.
  • Cervical Scan: an extra trans-vaginal scan to measure the length of your cervix if you are at risk of giving birth prematurely.
  • Wellbeing Scan: an additional scan to check on your baby’s development before he or she is born. We’ll measure your baby and perform a range of health checks.
  • 4D Scan: a 3D colour ultrasound that will give you a chance to see your baby in a completely different way than the usual 2D black and white ultrasounds. You’ll be able to see your baby’s face and watch him or her moving in real time. We’ll check your baby’s growth and health during the scan, but this is mainly an opportunity for you to bond.

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