The Portland Manchester Private Pregnancy Care Packages
Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Consultant Led package


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Midwife Scan package


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Midwife Led package


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Appointment Type Week of Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans are performed by a Fetal Medicine Consultant which includes a consultation at each appointment Ultrasound Scans are performed by a Specialist Sonographer includes a Midwife Consultation at each appointment Midwife Antenatal Consultations
Initial Midwife Consultation From 4 Weeks of Pregnancy
Viability Ultrasound Scan 7 - 11 Weeks
Midwife Consultation 7 - 11 Weeks
Non Invasive Prenatal Testing 10 Weeks
Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound Scan 12 - 14 Weeks
Midwife Consultation 12 Weeks
Reassurance Ultrasound Scan 16 Weeks
Midwife Consultation 16 Weeks
Anatomy Ultrasound Scan 18 - 20 Weeks
Midwife Consultation 20 Weeks
Wellbeing/Growth Ultrasound Scan 24 Weeks
Midwife Consultation 24 Weeks
Wellbeing/Growth Ultrasound Scan with 3D Imaging 28 Weeks
Midwife Consultation 28 Weeks
Wellbeing/Growth Ultrasound Scan 31 Weeks
Midwife Consultation 31 Weeks
Wellbeing/Growth Ultrasound Scan 34 Weeks
Midwife Consultation 34 Weeks
Wellbeing/Growth Ultrasound Scan 36 Weeks
Midwife Consultation 36 Weeks
Wellbeing/Growth Ultrasound Scan 38 Weeks From 38 Weeks of pregnancy, this pregnancy package can be tailored to adhoc appointments to meet your needs
Midwife Consultation 38 Weeks
Wellbeing/Growth Ultrasound Scan 40 Weeks
Midwife Consultation 40 Weeks
Midwife Consultation 41 Weeks
Postnatal Check up 6 Weeks Postpartum
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Alderley Edge Medical Centre, Talbot Road, Alderley Edge,
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