Morning sickness in pregnancy

Morning sickness often starts early in the pregnancy, usually at about 6 weeks. You might not even know you are pregnant when you start feeling sick for the first time. In most cases, it should go away within a few months, but it is possible to experience morning sickness at any point in your pregnancy.

The effects of morning sickness can range from a slight feeling of nausea to throwing up frequently. Although these symptoms often show up in the morning, they can strike at any time of day. There may be particular foods or smells that trigger them for you.

How to Cope With Morning Sickness

  • Make sure that you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet and taking your pregnancy supplements
  • Stick to bland foods such as dry toast or plain pasta when you’re feeling sick
  • Eat little and often, rather than having large meals
  • Avoid strong-smelling foods that could trigger nausea
  • Stay hydrated, especially if you’re throwing up
  • Try some home remedies such as eating dry crackers before you get up in the morning or having some ginger tea, ginger ale or ginger biscuits
  • Get plenty of rest and take your time getting up in the mornings
  • Ask for help at home or work when you need it

Severe Morning Sickness

If you’re experiencing a lot of nausea or throwing up so often that it’s difficult to get enough to eat or drink, you should tell your doctor or midwife. They can give you some more tips on dealing with morning sickness or recommend medication to alleviate your symptoms. In rare cases, you may need to be admitted into hospital to ensure you and your baby stay healthy.

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