Prepare your for the hospital bag

Getting your hospital bag ready before the big day will ensure that nothing gets left behind. Once you’ve packed all the following things, put the bag in your car or somewhere you or your birth partner will easily be able to grab it on the way to hospital.

  • Clothes to wear during labour and after. Pick loose, comfortable clothes so you can move freely and expect to change several times. Remember a nursing bra and front-opening tops if you’ll be breastfeeding. Slippers and a dressing gown are also a good idea.
  • Clothes for your newborn. Remember to include a hat and shawl for the trip home.
  • Plenty of nursing pads and sanitary pads
  • Nappies and changing supplies
  • All of your usual toiletries, your hairbrush and clips or bands to tie back your hair
  • Your maternity notes and any other important information
  • Anything you’ll want to help with labour, such as your own music, a cooling spray, or TENS machine.
  • Your favourite snacks to keep your energy levels up
  • Some books, magazines or other distractions to help pass the time
  • A camera or your phone, with the charger

As well as preparing your hospital bag, it’s also worth taking some time to think about how you’ll get to the hospital when you go into labour. You should also check that you have all the important numbers to hand and that you and your birth partner have a charged phone with you at all times.

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