Results explained

Reading Ultrasound Pictures

  • The text on your ultrasound picture includes a few key details such as your name and the date of the scan.
  • The whitish grey area around the edge of the picture is your womb
  • The layer inside this is the amniotic fluid inside the placenta that surrounds your baby
  • Your baby will be at the centre of the picture, but how he or she looks will depend on when the scan is performed. You should be able to spot your baby’s head and profile from about 12 weeks. You’ll see more details such as eyes and hands in later scans.

The Growth Chart

Measuring your baby is an important part of checking on his or her development during an ultrasound. As well as measuring your baby’s overall length we will take a series of measurements of his or her head, brain, abdomen and legs. We’ll plot these on a growth chart so that you can see how your baby is changing over time. The results can help us to estimate when your baby was conceived and to ensure that he or she is growing as expected.

Your Full Ultrasound Results

The results will tell you whether your baby is developing as expected. It will also note any issues or abnormalities that have been detected. These might include structural abnormalities such as a heart defect or risk factors that suggest your baby might have a condition such as Down’s syndrome. We’ll also be checking your health and looking at the placenta, amniotic fluid and umbilical cord for any issues.

If any problems are detected, we’ll ensure that you understand what they mean for you and your baby. We’ll also explain any additional tests or treatments that are available and help you to explore your options.

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