Should You Get a 3D Pregnancy Scan?

3D scans have become a very popular choice for parents in the UK. If you are still deciding whether to have this special kind of pregnancy scan then considering the following advantages and disadvantages of 3D ultrasound might help you to make up your mind.

3D Pregnancy Scan

Why Have a 3D Ultrasound?

Having a 3D baby scan can be an amazing experience as there are some significant benefits associated with this kind of ultrasound:

  • You will get to see your baby’s face for the first time
  • The scan provides a completely different view of your baby than the usual 2D ultrasounds
  • You will enjoy some extra bonding time with your baby
  • 3D ultrasound scans are very safe so there are no risks

Are There Any Reasons Not to Have a 3D ultrasound?

Since ultrasound is very safe there are no medical reasons not to have a 3D scan. However, there are some reasons why you may decide that it isn’t right for you. For example:

  • If having ultrasound scans makes you anxious, you might want to skip this scan as it isn’t a necessary part of your baby’s antenatal care
  • Pregnancy symptoms can take a toll on your health and energy levels, so if you’re feeling tired, sore or experiencing complications it can be better to rest or arrange a relaxing pregnancy massage rather than to attend another scan appointment
  • The chances of getting a clear picture are lower if you are expecting more than one baby or carrying a lot of weight around your abdomen, so you might want to discuss the scan with your sonographer first so that you know if you are likely to get a good view of your baby

Is a 3D Scan Right for You?

Although there are no risks involved with 3D baby scans, there is also no medical need to have this extra ultrasound during pregnancy. It is therefore a very personal decision whether a 3D ultrasound is right for you. If you have the time to arrange another scan appointment and you would like to see your baby’s face, then getting a 3D scan can be a great experience. However, there is no need to feel pressured to have another ultrasound if it doesn’t interest you as it isn’t an essential part of your antenatal care.

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