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Keeping yourself fit during pregnancy is important. Your body will be going through a lot of changes, so you want it to be in the best possible shape. A strong, healthy body will also be better prepared to give birth.

If you are already active, you should be able to stick to your usual exercise routine during most of your pregnancy. However, you should avoid contact sports and take extra care if there is a risk of falling. Ask your doctor for advice on how to exercise safely.

If you don’t already exercise regularly, now is a good time to start. Try walking, swimming or joining an exercise class. Start slowly, with no more than 15 minutes of physical activity at a time, then gradually increase the amount of exercise you do.

Remember that your body will feel a bit different during pregnancy:

  • You will probably get tired more easily
  • Your centre of balance will change as your baby grows
  • The extra weight will put more strain on your joints and muscles
  • Your joints may become looser later in pregnancy

One way to ensure that you are exercising effectively is to join an exercise class for pregnant women. You’ll get advice on exercising safely and many of these classes focus on activities that will help your body cope with pregnancy, including stomach strengthening and pelvic floor exercises. You’ll also get a chance to meet other expectant parents in your area.

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