Take a Pregnancy Test

The first thing you should do if you think that you might be pregnant is to find out for sure. You can buy a pregnancy test at any pharmacy or at most supermarkets. These simple tests will give you an accurate result in just a few minutes by checking the hormone levels in your urine.

You should take a pregnancy test if you are sexually active and:

  • You have missed a period
  • You are experiencing other symptoms of pregnancy such as sore breasts, nausea, or fatigue
  • You’re undergoing fertility treatment and you want to know if it has worked

Most pregnancy tests are designed to work from the first day of your first missed period. If you are trying to get pregnant and you want to find out sooner, you can buy an early pregnancy test. An early test can work from about eight days after conception, before you’ve missed a period. Beware that a pregnancy test is also positive with an ectopic pregnancy. If you have any concern about this you must see a doctor.

If the test shows you are not pregnant, it might be worth waiting a few days and testing yourself again. Negative pregnancy test results are slightly less reliable than positive ones, so there is a small chance you could still be pregnant. If you continue having pregnancy symptoms or you’re having trouble conceiving after trying for a year or more, you should talk to your doctor.

If the result is positive, congratulations! Check the rest of our pregnancy to do list to find out about your next steps.

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