What Happens When You Have NIPT?

Having non-invasive prenatal testing can be a big decision because of what the results could mean for you and your pregnancy. However, the test itself is straight forward. We will perform a detailed scan, all you will need to do is provide a sample of your blood.


The Blood Test

Having a blood test for NIPT is just like having one for any other reason. You will probably already have been offered a blood test as part of your antenatal care by the time you are ready for NIPT, so you should be familiar with the procedure. In most cases the sample will be taken from your arm:

  • You will need to roll up your sleeve above the elbow or remove any clothing covering it.
  • A tight band may be placed around your upper arm to make the veins stand out.
  • An antiseptic wipe will be used to clean the area where the needle will go in.
  • Pressure will be applied with a cotton wool pad.
  • The needle will be inserted into a blood vessel in the crook of your elbow and a small amount of blood will be removed. You may feel a sharp scratch or pinching sensation.
  • You will be given a plaster to keep the needle wound clean.
  • You may notice some bruising or soreness and some people feel a bit dizzy or anxious.

What Happens Next

After the blood sample has been taken it will be sent for testing in the lab. Cells belonging to your unborn baby will be extracted from the blood and analysed for chromosomal or genetic abnormalities. Depending on the type of NIPT test you have chosen, the results should be available within 3 to 14 days.

Discussing NIPT with Your Doctor

The most important part of the procedure is the time that you spend talking to your doctor before and after the test. It is essential that you understand what the test involves and what the results mean so that you can make informed choices. Although the test itself is very safe and simple, what you learn from it could have a very big impact, so it is important to think carefully before having NIPT.

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