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Who can attend the scan?

Choosing Your Companion

The only limitation is on the number of people you should bring. We don’t want the scan room to get too crowded, so it is best to pick one person to come in with you. You can always bring someone else the next time if you’ve got lots of people who’d love to come.

We also recommend that you try to avoid brining children with you to the clinic, even if you have a companion who will take care of them while you’re in the scan room. Waiting around for you can be very boring for young children.

Why Bring a Companion?

Having someone to share the experience with you can make it even more magical, but it will also ensure that you have the support you need if any potential problems are discovered. Although your ultrasound scan can be a magical experience when you are pregnant, it is also an important medical test.

You can also bring a friend, partner or relative with you when you are having an ultrasound scan for other reasons, such as a fertility assessment or to diagnose a gynaecological problem. Your companion can come into the scan room with you or stay in the waiting area, if you prefer.

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