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Early Pregnancy Scan

An Early Pregnancy Scan can be performed from just 7 weeks to confirm that you’re pregnant and find out when the baby is due. The scan is also a chance to check that you and your baby are both well. The viability of the pregnancy will be confirmed, and we can investigate the causes of any symptoms such as pain or bleeding. We recommend an early scan for anyone who is experiencing these symptoms as well as for all women over 35.

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It has been discovered that a blood sample taken from the mother from 10 weeks of pregnancy onwards can be analysed for cell free fetal DNA (cfDNA), which represents a sample of the fetal-placental DNA, derived from placental trophoblasts, in the mother’s blood.

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TDL VeriSeq v2 by Illumina NIPT

The TDL VeriSeq v2 by Illumina  is a type of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing that can screen for conditions such as Down’s syndrome. It is a simple blood test that will enable us to look at your baby’s DNA to check for chromosomal conditions.

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Panorama NIPT

The Panorama test (NIPT) is currently the most advanced non-invasive pregnancy screening available for parents who would like to determine if they have a low probability or high probability for their baby having the conditions Down’s syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome or Patau’s syndrome. The Panorama test is available from as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy, for early screening before the NHS Nuchal Translucency scan. Panorama NIPT can be performed after the NHS 12-14 week Nuchal Translucency Scan, or even in the mid term of pregnancy after the 20 week Anatomy scan.

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The SAFE test is a type of NIPT that can be used to screen for conditions such as Down’s syndrome during pregnancy. It is a simple blood test that can determine whether your baby is at high or low probability of chromosomal conditions.

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Nuchal Translucency Scan

Parents to be will be given an individual chance of baby having a chromosomal condition present. The three chromosomal conditions which the Nuchal Translucency Scan screens for are Down’s Syndrome, Edwards’ Syndrome and Patau’s Syndrome. The Nuchal Translucency scan has a sensitivity of 85% for detecting Down's Syndrome. This is calculated by inputting certain maternal and fetal factors including:-

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Reassurance Scan

Reassurance scans are extra scans that can be fitted in at any time between the routine Nuchal Translucency and Anatomy scans. We will be able to check on baby’s health, growth and development. You’ll also have another chance to see your baby and get some more ultrasound pictures. We recommend having a reassurance scan if you experience any unusual symptoms or if you’re having a higher risk pregnancy. Having an extra scan between 14 and 24 weeks can also reassure you that everything is going well.

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Sexing Scan

A sexing scan is an ultrasound that is performed to find out if your baby is a boy or a girl. We should be able to tell your baby’s Fetal Sex at any time after 16 weeks. You can arrange a sexing scan to find out as soon as you reach 16 weeks or wait until later. You can also have a separate sexing scan if it wasn’t possible to identify your baby’s gender during your routine scans or if you’ve changed your mind about finding out.

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Anatomy / Anomaly Scan

The Anatomy scan is one of the most important ultrasounds you will have during your pregnancy. It is usually performed at around 20 weeks, when all your baby’s major organs will be visible. We will perform a thorough check for conditions, measure your baby’s growth, and make sure the placenta is healthy. If you haven’t already had a sexing scan, then we’ll also be able to tell you if your baby is a boy or girl.

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Cervical Scan

The cervical scan is an ultrasound test that is used to check the length of your cervix during pregnancy. The cervix is the passage at the opening of your womb. It will change as the pregnancy progresses in order to keep your baby safe and then to prepare for the delivery. We can measure the cervix during a trans-vaginal ultrasound to ensure it is within the normal range. If it is too short, then you may be at risk of complications such as a premature delivery.

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Wellbeing Scan

Wellbeing scans are performed to check on your baby’s health and growth after 24 weeks. You can have a wellbeing scan just to see how your baby is doing, but we also recommend these scans if you are having a higher risk pregnancy or you’re experiencing any unusual symptoms. As well as performing some important health checks, we’ll also measure your baby and give you an estimate of their birth weight.

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4D Scan

A 3D/4D scan is a special type of ultrasound that enables you to see clear, realistic pictures of your baby’s face before he or she is born. You will be able to see detailed 3D ultrasound images that move in real time. We recommend having this scan between 26 and 32 weeks to get the best pictures.

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Follicle Tracking Scan

Follicle tracking scans are used to check on the eggs that are getting ready to be released from your ovaries. We usually perform this type of scan to assist with fertility treatment, so you may be visiting us after a referral from your IVF clinic or Consultant.

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Gynaecological Transvaginal Ultrasound Scan

A gynaecological transvaginal ultrasound is a scan that looks at your reproductive organs and the surrounding pelvic area. At The Birth Company we can use it to examine your uterus, womb lining also called the endometrial cavity, ovaries and follicles. During the ultrasound scan we can look for any abnormal appearances that may account for any specific symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

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Endometrial Lining Scan

An endometrial lining scan is an ultrasound to check on the womb lining. The endometrial cells that make up this lining will grow every month and then be shed when you have your period. The endometrial lining should reach its thickest point mid-way through your menstrual cycle, when you are ovulating. We will check the womb lining and measure its thickness during the scan to find out if it is ready for an embryo to implant itself.

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IUCD Location Scan

An IUCD location scan can be used to check on your intra-uterine contraceptive device if there’s a chance it has moved out of place. We will be able to locate the IUCD on an ultrasound scan to find out if it has moved, is causing problems such as tears or bleeding or is no longer working properly. The scan pictures will help to guide the procedure if the IUCD does need to be removed.

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Why Are Baby Scans Important? Learn About Our Pregnancy Scans in Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Ultrasound scans are a key part of your antenatal care, but why are they so important and what can they tell us about your baby? Read on to learn more about the different types of pregnancy scans we perform at our clinic in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

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Arranging a Private IVF Scan in Cheshire

Ultrasound scans can play an important role in fertility treatment. We can use ultrasound to check on your reproductive system before you start treatment or to see how well you are responding to the medication you’re taking for IVF. We can also ensure that procedures such as egg collection and embryo transfer are performed at the best possible time. Keep reading to find out more about arranging a private IVF scan in Cheshire.

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Why Visit Our Private Ultrasound Centre in Cheshire?

If you need to arrange a baby scan or gynaecological ultrasound in Cheshire, then you may be considering having your scans at a private clinic. Although you can have some scans on the NHS, there are some very good reasons to visit a private ultrasound clinic instead.

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How Your Baby Scan in Cheshire Helps with Bonding

The ultrasound scans you have during pregnancy are much more than medical tests. The scans we perform are also a chance for you to bond with your baby before the birth.

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Why Do You Need IVF Ultrasound Scans in Cheshire?

Fertility treatment can involve having a lot of different kinds of tests at different stages of the process. One of the tests that your fertility specialist might recommend is an ultrasound scan. If you’ve been referred for IVF ultrasound scans in Cheshire, then you can visit us to have them.

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The Birth Company Baby Scans in Cheshire

Ultrasound scans are an important part of your antenatal care. We provide a number of Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans to ensure you and your antenatal care provider get as much information as you need during pregnancy.

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Having a Sexing Scan in Alderley Edge, Cheshire

If you want to know whether you’re expecting a boy or girl then we can perform a sexing scan at our ultrasound centre in Alderley Edge, Cheshire at any time after 16 weeks.

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What to Do at My Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan?

Having a private pregnancy scan at our ultrasound clinic in Cheshire can be a magical experience. You’ll get to see your baby on the screen and listen to his or her heartbeat. However, an ultrasound scan is an important medical test, so you may be feeling a bit anxious. You can always talk to your sonographer if you are worried but finding out a bit more about what to expect during the scan should also help.

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Ultrasound Scans for Women’s Health

We often think of ultrasound scans as something that happens during pregnancy, but the same technology can also be used to investigate a wide range of different conditions. At the Birth Company clinic in Cheshire, we often perform gynaecological scans as well as private pregnancy scans.

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Choosing the Right Ultrasound Centre

Choosing the right private ultrasound clinic in Cheshire can make a big difference to your experience. The right clinic will provide the highest quality service in a calm, friendly environment where you feel comfortable.

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Our Pregnancy and Gynaecology Ultrasound Scans

As specialists in pregnancy and gynaecology scans, we offer a wide range of private ultrasound scans in Cheshire. We can provide all the scans that you need during pregnancy or perform the tests that your gynaecologist or GP has recommended.

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Visiting Our Alderley Edge Ultrasound Scan Clinic

The Birth Company’s Alderley Edge ultrasound scan clinic can provide all of the gynaecological and pregnancy scans that you need in Cheshire. Our modern, comfortable clinic is the perfect place to have your ultrasound scans. As well as having all of the latest technology, we have also created a peaceful and comfortable environment where you can relax.

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An Established Baby Scan Clinic in Cheshire

The Birth Company has many years of experience in ultrasound, making our clinic in Alderley Edge the best choice if you are looking for an established baby scan clinic in Cheshire. We might not have been providing care in Cheshire for that long, but we have a long history and lots of experience in the UK. As specialists in ultrasound, you can rely on us to provide the highest quality care.

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