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Endometrial Lining Scan

Endometrial Lining Scans are used to assess the health and thickness of your womb lining or endometrium. We will measure the thickness of the endometrium to find out when you are ready to conceive or to have an embryo transferred during fertility treatment.


What are the indications or reasons for having the Endometrial Lining Scan?

  • If you are having IVF treatment, we can use the Endometrial Lining Scan to tell your fertility doctor when it is the right time to transfer the embryos into your uterus.
  • If you are hoping to get pregnant naturally, we can use an Endometrial Lining Scan to tell you when you are ready to conceive. However, this is not necessary for most couples as it is usually possible to estimate the time of ovulation from your menstrual cycle.

When should you have the scan?

You should have the Endometrial Lining Scan at the point in your menstrual cycle when the womb lining is likely to be at it’s thickest.

  • We generally recommend having the first Endometrial Lining Scan on the 9th day of your cycle. Day 1 is the first day of your last period.
  • Sometimes you’ll need to have the scan earlier or later, depending on how long and regular your menstrual cycle usually is.
  • If the endometrium isn‘t ready at the first scan, you will need to come back for additional scans every 1-2 days after this so we can watch as the endometrium grows to its thickest point.

How is the scan done?

  • The Endometrial Lining Scan is a trans-vaginal scan, so the ultrasound probe will be inserted into your vagina.
  • We can sometimes check your endometrium with an external abdominal ultrasound, but the results won’t be as accurate so we only recommend this if there is a medical reason why you can’t have a trans-vaginal Endometrial Lining Scan.
  • Your Fertility specialist might also recommend that you have a blood test for hormones alongside the Endometrial Lining Scan, in order to provide more information about your hormone levels and fertility.

What preparation is required?

  • You should empty your bladder before having a trans-vaginal ultrasound scan to help us get a clear picture
  • You’ll be asked to remove the clothing from your lower half, so make sure that you wear something that is easy to take off or lift up
  • If you are undergoing fertility treatment, you should follow your doctor’s recommendations including taking any medication to stimulate ovulation or prepare the womb lining

What can this scan detect?

During the Endometrial Lining Scan we will assess the condition of your womb lining or endometrium. We will measure the thickness of the endometrium to find out when you are ovulating and to see if your uterus is ready for an embryo to implant itself.

The endometrium responds to the female hormones that control your menstrual cycle. It thickens during the natural cycle as your body prepares for a possible conception. During fertility treatment, you will be given drugs to stimulate the same process. The scan will check that the medication is having the right effect and show your doctor when you are ready for the next stage in your treatment.

Is it easy to make an appointment?

We can help you to work out when it is the right time in your menstrual cycle for the Endometrial Lining Scan. If you are undergoing fertility treatment, your doctor will advise you on when to arrange your scans.

When you are ready for your Endometrial Lining Scan, you should easily be able to make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. We offer morning, afternoon and evening appointments during the week, as well as weekend appointments. A surcharge will be applied for evening and weekend appointments. We have a wide range of availability therefore short notice appointments can be easily arranged. To make you more comfortable we only have a Female sonographer.

What happens after the scan?

You will be able to discuss the results of your ultrasound scan with your sonographer at the clinic. We will email the full results, including scan pictures, directly to your fertility specialist and to yourself.


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