Non Invasive Prenatal Test cfDNA - NIPT from 10 weeks of pregnancy

  • Our Specialist NIPT Sonographers are highly trained experts, with extensive experience of Non Invasive Prenatal Tests cfDNA and early, mid pregnancy and advanced fetal anatomy scans
  • Performed from 10 weeks of pregnancy
  • Can be performed before or after the 12 to14 week Nuchal Translucency scan or the 20 week anomaly scan
  • NIPT cfDNA Results in 3-14 calendar days
  • All of our appointments include an Early Fetal Ultrasound Scan, Early Anatomy Ultrasound Scan or Anomaly scan (dependent on gestation at time of appointment) by our Specialist Sonographers
  • Same day and short notice appointments available, including morning, afternoon, evenings and weekends.
  • Our Consultant is available to discuss your results 
  • Prenatal test counselling and your questions answered
  • Baby and Parents-to-be focused care
  • We offer longer appointment times as routine- more time for baby, more time for you
  • Committed to advances in pregnancy care
  • The latest ultrasound technology and software
  • Electronic transmission of scan images and videos to your email via YourBabyScan
  • Option to include the sex of your baby

What is Non Invasive prenatal testing?

It has been discovered that a blood sample taken from the mother from 10 weeks of pregnancy onwards can be analysed for cell free fetal DNA (cfDNA), which represents a sample of the fetal-placental DNA, dervived from placental trophoblasts, in the mother’s blood.

This prenatal screening method involves taking a safe blood sample from the mother’s arm. There is no increased miscarriage risk to your baby from having this simple, safe maternal blood test. The cell free fetal DNA (cfDNA) which is present in the mother’s blood is then analysed, the results determine if there is a high probability or low probability of the baby having one of the three screened conditions; Down’s syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome and Patau’s syndrome. These conditions are also known as Trisomy 21, Trisomy 18 and Trisomy 13.

NIPT can be used in twin, singleton donor and surrogate pregnancies. You can also choose to find out the sex of your baby by looking at baby’s chromosomes, this is optionally included in your NIPT. In some circumstances it may not be possible for the NIPT to report on the sex of your baby, such as Vanishing twin pregnancies.

Non-invasive prenatal testing is available from several different laboratories across Europe, China and the U.S.A. The TDL VeriSeq v2 by IlluminaNIPT is processed and analysed for The Birth Company by The Doctors Laboratory ( TDL) in London. The Panorama NIPT is processed and analysed for The Birth Company by Natera inc. in the USA. The SAFE Test NIPT is processed and analysed for The Birth Company by St Georges University Hospital in London.

There are other NIPT providers available including Neobona, Maternit21, Verifi and Serenity. The laboratories process and analyse cfDNA, however they use slightly different methods of analysis.

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